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World Championship Fundraiser

UPDATE: Julia's spin-a-thon was a great success but fundraising continues for this fantastic Raffle! The winners will be selected in early December!

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This event has already taken place and registration ended on December 1, 2011 at 8:00 PM.

As part of her fundraising effort to get to World Championships and replace her stolen bike, on November 11, Julia will teach a spin class for those generous donors of $20 and above (space limited).  The class will take place at Evolve Fitness in Cambridge, MA at 7pm (8pm class will be added if necessary!).  See all fundraising detail below!

This past summer was incredible for me as an athlete. I worked extremely hard, which culminated in my taking a spot on the Team USA 2012 World Championship Triathlon team. This means I’ve earned the opportunity to represent the United States at the Age Group World Championships next year in Auckland, New Zealand. This will require even more training, hard work and determination to get to my best fitness level ever. Having been on a National team previously (Jr. National Sprint Kayak team), I know this will not only take dedication but as much support from friends, family and sponsors as possible.

This is especially true now.

Two weeks ago my brand new 2011 Trek Madone 4.7 racing bicycle was stolen.

This is an incredible blow; not only was I very attached to that bike but it was the biggest financial investment I had made in the sport. In combination with the expenses of getting to World Championships in New Zealand, I realize I need to ask for some help. I’m writing to ask if you would consider becoming a partner to help me raise money to replace my bike. I am a spin instructor at a local gym in Cambridge, MA, which has offered me space to host a “Spin-a-thon and Beyond – a fundraiser for the Tiny Tri-er” (me!). This is a huge effort to raise as much as I can to help allay the huge costs of a new bike and travel to Worlds. Class will be limited to 40 people - so please make sure to indicate if you'd like to do that or just to donate.

Here is how it works:

$20 gets a spot in the Spin-a-thon and two entries into the big raffle!  For every additional $10, you get at least another entry.  For generous donations of over $60, you enter the Grand Prize raffle for a homemade quilt or Sports apparel gift package or massage.  Additional amounts are welcome - there's a spot through the registration process where you are able to contribute!

Here's who has already contributed!

I’m working on the final list of raffle items (if you want to donate, let me know!!) so far it includes: 

All Entries:

·       Case of Mix1

·       Case of Odwalla Bars

·       3 x UbiSoft Video Games

·       FUEL Belt

·       1BandID

·       Tufts University Apparel Gift Pack

·       2 x Swim Lesson: All levels, 1 on 1 (local prize)

·       4 x $25 Gift Certificates for Landry’s Bicycles (local prize)

·       4 x batch of homemade cookies- your choice!

·       2 x VMPS Triathlon Center Gift Certificate

·       Race Entry to a FIRM Racing 2012 event

·       EverStride Gift Pack
·       2 x $50 Gift Certificates  for Barnes and Noble


$60 and above:


·       1 hr. Nutrition Counseling by renowned sports Nutritionist Nancy Clark, RD

·       Homemade Quilt!

·       1 hr Massage from Riverbend Massage Therapy

·       2 Months Triathlon/Running Coaching!

·       1 Training plan for running, swimming or Triathlon- your choice!

·       90 minute bike fit at Wheelworks Belmont


More to come including: LUNA, New Balance, and we’ll see what else I can come up with...

I'm also now contributing a portion of proceeds to CycleKids! 

If you'd like to offer something for the raffle, please email me!