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Thu Nov



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SRR-Volunteer ONLY-GGG 2014

This is volunteer registration ONLY. There are no discounts or free entries for volunteering. If you wish to run, you must sign up separately at

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No surprise fees - what you see is what you pay.
Ticket Type
Order Qty
2014 Super Hero - will skip the run & help 7am-10am or later
7:00 AM
(45 remain)
2014 Hero - running but will help pre race 7am-9am
10:00 AM
(55 remain)
This event has already taken place and ticketing ended on November 27, 2014 at 7:00 AM.

This signup is for volunteer registration ONLY (both runners & non-runners). There are no discounts or free entries for volunteers.

If you wish to run please make sure you register at:


Very important that all volunteers report at 7:00am to get your assignment and get settled in before runners start arriving at 7:30am.


In prior years we've spent $300 on coffee & bagels and end up throwing half of it out. Again in 2014 - we will no longer provide coffee & bagels. However the first 60 people to sign in as volunteers will be given $5.00 each, so please get your own coffee prior to 7:00am arrive early and you may even make a buck on the deal.

Or, if you are feeling generous you can decline the $5 and it will go directly to our charities.


Most of the work is pre-race 7am-9am in the parking garage helping runners with Number & T-shirt pick up. It takes 50-60 people to make this go smoothly. We never have enough folks for this - if you  are running please consider helping out in the garage pre race.

Other jobs include finish area set up in front of the Burren, and clock coordinators at miles 1, 2 & 3.


Assignments are dependent on how many volunteers we have, and unfortunately folks tend to wait until the last minute to commit. As a result volunteer assignments are not finalized until the night before the race.

When you check in you'll be given a sticker with your assignments for pre-race and during race (if not running). 


If you volunteered previously every effort will be made to leverage your knowledge & experience and assign you to the same area.


Biggest need is for folks willing to be Captains at Number Pick Up who can train & coordinate other volunteers on race morning. Let us know if you are willing to be a Captain for Nunber Pick-Up.