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Sun Dec



4th Annual Cambridge 5K - Yulefest

Kick off the holidays old school hip hop style at our annual 5K race around Harvard Square! Registration includes a great winter hat (see below) and FREE beer & food at the post race party sponsored by Notch, Slumbrew, Night Shift & Downeast Cider.

All Teams > Slumbrew Happy Soles

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Bib First Name Last Name ▲ Category Age City & State $ Raised
Amy Parker Yulefest 5k 40-49 F Somerville MA
Jaclyn Parks Yulefest 5k 30-39 F Cambridge MA
Eric Parry Yulefest 5k 30-39 M Medford MA
Kristina Parry Yulefest 5k 19-29 F Medford MA
Mary Peltier Yulefest 5k 40-49 F Woburn MA
Doug Pietrzak Yulefest 5k 30-39 M Somerville MA
Bill Ramon Yulefest 5k 40-49 M Medford MA
Erin Redihan Yulefest 5k 19-29 F Sheldonville MA
Vienna Reichert Yulefest 5k 40-49 F lexington MA
Chris Rhinehart Yulefest 5k 30-39 M Newton MA
Jen Salvo Yulefest 5k 50-59 F Cambridge MA
Susie Santos Yulefest 5k 40-49 F Cambridge MA
Cara Schroeder Yulefest 5k 19-29 F Boston MA
Elaine Sharkey Yulefest 5k 40-49 F Reading MA
Jennifer Sloan Yulefest 5k 40-49 F Cambridge MA
George Stevens III Yulefest 5k 19-29 M Somerville MA
Sarah Stewart Yulefest 5k 30-39 F Somerville MA
Jason Stott Yulefest 5k 30-39 M Pembroke MA
Kristen Sykes Yulefest 5k 40-49 F Cambridge MA
Ben Talbot Yulefest 5k 19-29 M BOSTON MA
Rebecca Tieri Yulefest 5k 19-29 F Somerville MA
Charlie Tinkham Yulefest 5k 19-29 M Medford MA
Valerie Tormey Yulefest 5k 30-39 F Somerville MA
Paul Van Schyndel Yulefest 5k 19-29 M Allston MA
Jeremy Viens Yulefest 5k 30-39 M newton MA
Patrick Watson Yulefest 5k 19-29 M somerville MA
Victoria Welch Yulefest 5k 30-39 F Medford MA
Laura Whicher Yulefest 5k 19-29 F Somerville MA
Sarah White Yulefest 5k 19-29 F Cambridge MA
Jeff Willebrand Yulefest 5k 19-29 M Somerville MA