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Thu Aug



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Startup Sox

Boston's startup community celebrates Startup Day Across America by taking over the bleachers at Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox play the Baltimore Orioles. We'll pre-game at MassChallenge with beer & Boloco, then ride buses over to Fenway at 7pm.

No surprise fees - what you see is what you pay.
Ticket Type
Order Qty
Ramen Entrepreneurs
6:00 PM
(7 remain)
Funded Entrepreneurs
6:00 PM
(10 remain)
Angels, VCs, Lawyers & BALLERS
6:00 PM
(6 remain)
Bus tkt (1-way) to Fenway - donation
7:00 PM
(2 remain)
This event has already taken place and ticketing ended on August 29, 2013 at 6:00 PM.

Options for picking up your tickets:

Tickets will be distributed at MassChallenge on Aug. 29th:

12-2pm downstairs in the lobby - assigned seating

5-6pm upstairs at the party - pick your seat(s)
Attendees (ie, someone else paid) can get tickets with photo ID.


Boston's Startup community celebrates Startup Day Across America by taking over the bleachers at Fenway Park on Thursday August 29th. The evening starts at 5pm with burritos and beer at MassChallenge in the Seaport. At 6pm, we'll load into buses for the ride over to Fenway where we'll all sit together for the 7pm game against the Baltimore Orioles.
Ticket prices for the evening (which includes food, drinks, and game ticket) are priced according to an honor system:
Ramen Entrepreneurs:
You've got a million dollar idea, but you're broke for now.  You'll try to sit next to angels and VCs, hoping they'll buy you a hot dog and one of those foam finger thingies. 
Funded Entrepreneurs: 
You've convinced someone that you're building something awesome, raised some money and actually get a paycheck. You're basically going at cost. Maybe you can get your investors to buy some BALLER tickets? 
Angels, VCs, Lawyers & BALLERS: 
You've got money. You know who you are. We love you and you love us back and we appreciate that you'll pay a bit more so we can pay a bit less. Please join us, and consider buying some entrepreneur tickets for the folks hacking away at your portfolio companies.
Bus Tickets
Each bus costs us $350 and holds 50 people. That's $7/head - please pay what you think is fair.