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Lighthouse To Lighthouse Race - 2013

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Paddle or row 7 or 14 Miles around the beautiful Norwalk Islands starting at Shady Beach, passing Pecks Ledge Light, around Greens Ledge Light and back. Great location and after party. Open to all sea-worthy, human-powered craft. $60 per person.

8:00 AM, Sat. Sep 7, 2013 to 5:00 PM, Sat. Sep 7, 2013

Norwalk, CT 06855

Race / Category
Prizes / Awards
No surprise fees - what you see is what you pay, service fee included
10:30 AM
10:30 AM
10:30 AM
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This event has already taken place and registration ended on September 7, 2013 at 5:00 PM.
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L2L Race Committee & Norwalk River Rowing

Wayne Lysoby
917 597 8507

From the Organizer

2013 Race Results

Welcome to the 2013 Lighthouse To Lighthouse Race

For the umpteenth year we are looking forward to welcoming a competitive field of racers to row or paddle the L2L along the scenic Norwalk Islands on the Connecticut shore.

We have a second, shorter course of 7 miles for those who do not wish to race 14 miles. There will be a four hour time limit on the race so that we can have everyone off the water by 1:30 p.m. Boats having trouble making it back by the deadline will be asked to accept a tow or have their boats picked up and returned to the beach.

Racers are asked to make a $60 donation per person before September 6th. After that and on the day - registration will be $75. Last year’s participants included an eclectic mix of small craft including fixed and sliding seat rowers, solo and tandem kayaks and outrigger canoes and SUPs.


The Race Course

The course, starting at Shady Beach in Norwalk, will go around Sprite Island, then around the east side of Pecks Ledge Lighthouse and then to the south of  Goose Island and the rest of the Norwalk Islands, continuing down to Greens Ledge Lighthouse. The return is along the same course to finish in front of Shady Beach. Staggered start times will be used, grouping boats of similar style and/or speed. Racers typically finish in two to four hours.

Note that the course runs to the south of all islands. If you are rowing, all islands will be on your left on the outbound leg and on your right on the homebound leg. If you are paddling, all islands will be on your right on the outbound leg and on your left on the homebound leg. Failure to follow the course will result in disqualification.


Race Rules

The principles of sportsmanship and safety govern the race. Race fairly and race within your limits.

The Race Commitee reserves the right to:

- Refuse to register any individual or boat foir any reason.

- Expel or disqualify any individual or boat for lack of required equipment, unsafe operation, disregard for event rules or unsportsmanlike behavior at anytime.

- Disqualify any individual or boat who has gained an advantage by drafting any boat outside of its registered class, blocking an overtaking boat, ignoring someone in distress, or causing damage to another craft, or not navigating the course as published.

All racers participate at their own risk. Competitors will be required to agree to a waiver as part of the registration process and provide a signature on the waiver on race day.


Time Limit

The maximum time allowed to complete the course or navigate back to the start as a DNF is 4 hours. After this time you will be on the course at your own risk. If you are not at the half way point on either the 7 or 14 mile course within 2 hours you are asked to discontinue your effort and return to Shady Beach. Please consider carefully your abilities and fitness before entering the race.



PFD’s consistent with Coast Guard regulations are required for each competitor. Whistles or horns are required on each boat. Boats should have bailers, pumps or self-bailers. A backup bailer is recommended.
Compasses, charts, gps units, cell phones etc. are also good to have. You should have water and/or sports drink. Hats and sunscreen should be considered.

Racers observing another vessel in trouble or requiring help must assist to the extent of their ability. Time credit and recognition will be awarded to anyone providing help to others during the event.

Boat Classifications

You will be asked at time of registration to enter the name of the manufacturer and model of the boat you will be racing. Please be accurate and detailed so that we can review and confirm conformity with the selected class in advance of the race.

For paddled boats (kayaks), as is customary, we will be using the Soundrowers system of classification for paddled craft, with a few exceptions:


- Sea Kayak, Fast Sea Kayak, High Performance Kayak and this year, due to the popularity of the type, we will also have a Surfski 20 Plus class for Epic V8 and equivilents.


For rowed boats we have:


- Fixed Seat Racing, Fixed Seat Touring, Sliding Seat Racing, Sliding Seat Touring


For the aloha folks:


- OC1, OC2 and OC6


Lastly, we welcome SUP paddlers both prone and standing:


- 12'6, 14 and Unlimited


Both male, female and mixed are valid, as are single and multi crewed.

Vessels of any other style or design will be classified as Open unless a 3 or more similar vessels register in order to invoke an new class.



Please carefully study the race course as published to familiarize yourself with the route, landmarks and boundaries. Arm yourself with a GPS or chart and attend the captains meeting to ensure you are appraised of the course and conditions.

On the outbound leg, forward-facing racers will keep all islands on their right; on the homebound leg all islands will be on the left. Of course, this is inverted for rear-facing racers.

Any deviation from the published course resulting in a competitive advantage will result in disqualification.

Folks - remember "Goose Island 2012" - no gimmees' this year.



At the conclusion of the event awards will be presented to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place competitors in each boat class, gender and crew #.


Food and Entertainment

Following the race, a beach party will be available for all racers and guests of the racers and volunteers. The party will feature hot dogs,hamburgers,chilli, Wayne's famous clam chowder and a raw bar. We will also feature music and a range of craft beers in case you are thirsty. There is plenty of space and parking, bring the family for a great end of season event.

The afterparty is included in the race registration, guests will be asked to make a $20 donation to eat. Guest tickets can be purchased during the registration process.

Day Of Race Schedule


Check in at Shady Beach in Norwalk between 7:00-8:30am.

Get your T-shirt

Get Your Race Number

Confirm your entry

Attend mandatory pre-race orientation at 9:00am

Get the race course directions

Racing starts at 9:30am

Race to Win!

Eat, drink and elaborate on your performance

Collect your medal (if you win)

Brag to your friends…

Directions To Race Location


Shady Beach/ Calf Pature Beach is Exit 16 off I-95 in Norwalk, CT

I-95 South – end of ramp go left

I-95 North – end of ramp go right.

Take left after cemetary, bear right

Left at monumednt/rotary

Right on Beach Road to guardhouse

Bear left into Shady Beach

Parking is free with so long as you provide your license plate number during online registration. Also free if you are a Norwalk Resident with a Sticker.

See you there!