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Thomas LaValley Memorial 12.84 Relay

THOMAS LaVALLEY MEMORIAL 12.84 RELAY Date : MAY 14, 2022 Race Time: 8:00am Christ Fit Gym Entry Fee: $25.00 per runner Law Enforcement and Military Members: $20.00 Small Free Smoothie, Awesome T-shirt, and chance to win $500.00

No surprise fees - what you see is what you pay.
8:00 AM
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This year’s,  "Thomas LaVally Memorial 12.84 Relay,"  

The Thomas LaValley Memorial is intended to send families of local fallen law enforcement officers to National Police Week in Washington D.C.  Funds are also used to keep Thomas’ name and memory alive throughout the community through donations to local organizations.

 Date: May 14, 2022

 Race Time: 8am 

Entry Fee: $25.00 per runner

Law Enforcement and Military Members: $20.00 per runner

*Teams can be decided individually and will not affect registration

 How the relay will work: Up to four people per team with each person running 3.21 miles. You may have less per team, but 12.84 miles must be completed. The race will start at Christ Fit Gym,  1040 Chinaberry Drive in North Bossier.

Each runner will run 1.6 miles before turning back to complete 3.21 miles. The runner will then hand off the  "12.84 Customized Relay Baton".

Each team will receive "ONE" customized baton to keep. 

 Each person who runs will receive an awesome one-of-a-kind t-shirt, a Small Free Smoothie From "Fruit's of the Spirit." and A CHANCE TO WIN $500.00!

 When each runner finishes with their leg of relay, they will drop their bib into a bucket for the drawing. Drawing will be held at 11am.  Must be present to win!