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Spring Melt Challenge 2022

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Keep the good times going this spring and prepare for your summer with the Spring Melt Challenge. Run or walk at least one-mile per day, indoors or outdoors, from February 1st to St. Paddy's Day, March 17.

12:00 AM, Tue. Feb 1, 2022 to 11:59 PM, Thu. Mar 17, 2022

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No surprise fees - what you see is what you pay, service fee included
This event has already taken place and registration ended on March 17, 2022 at 11:59 PM.

From the Organizer

Keep the good times going this spring, and prepare for your summer with the Spring Melt Challenge. Run or walk at least one mile per day, indoors or outdoors, from February 1st to St. Paddy's Day, March 17. Complete at least one mile each day outside and qualify as a Winter Warrior.
This contest will help raise money for Eastside Baby Corner, who provides crucial support to children in King, Snohomish, and Pierce Counties. Get started on your spring training by signing up for our New Year Challenge and running or walking every day in January 2022.
Eastside Baby Corner

How it works. You track minutes for running and walking using the RaceDay interface by RaceMenu. You'll have four days to log each daily activity. For example, you have until 11:59 pm on February 5 to log your February 1st activity or until 11:59 pm on February 20 to record your February 16th activity. If you miss the 4-day deadline, you're out of the challenge. 

Choose your challenge. You can challenge yourself to any level and change your mind at any time (you won’t be asked to commit to a level upon registration). The Spring Melt Challenge has a three-strikes and your out rule. Miss more than two days, and you're out! 
  • Bronze: 1-mile run/walk per day
  • Silver: 3 miles run/walk per day
  • Gold: 5 miles run/walk per day
  • Winter Warrior: run/walk at least 1 mile per day outside
To complete your challenge, you must run or walk the minimum distance every day, not just averaging that mileage. For example, if you run 5+ miles every day for 44 days and 1 mile on the 45th day, you will finish at the Bronze level. 

Be a Winter Warrior. You may do mileage indoors or outdoors and remain in the contest, BUT you are only a Winter Warrior if you do at least one mile a day outside. Only Winter Warriors get their name on the back of the shirt and hoodie.
Don't miss the bling. All of our challenge events have an option for a sweet, sweet medal. The design is in progress; check back here for updates. 

Invite others, get free stuff! Stay motivated by challenging yourself and others. To invite friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers to join the Challenge and earn free stuff:
  1. Copy and paste the personal Sharelink from your registration confirmation email.
    It will look like this:
  2. Share this unique link with others/
    We’ll do the tracking, but all referrals must come via the Sharelink. Don’t forget to use this!
  3. Collect free stuff for each referral that signs up for using your Sharelink
  • •Level 1 Reward = 50% Registration Refund for 4 referrals
  • •Level 2 Reward = 100% Registration Refund for 8 referrals
  • •Level 3 Reward = 100% Registration Refund + Free Medal​
    Your referrals must come via the Sharelink!

​Join the team challenge for additional motivation. 
A virtual challenge is much more fun when you create a team and get your friends, neighbors, family, or co-workers involved. Teams will jockey for position on the leaderboard while team members motivate each other to keep moving. We'll have team prizes for the highest total team miles, the highest average team miles, and most creative team name.  

It's okay to be a little competitive if it helps you stay motivated! Check the leaderboards on RaceDay daily to follow your friends' progress and track your team's results. At the end of the contest, we'll have awards for
  • Highest Total Team Miles
  • Highest Per Team Member Average Miles
  • Most Miles Individual – Indoors/Outdoors Combined – Overall + Most Gold, Silver & Bronze miles.  i.e., If most overall miles go to someone from Silver, we will award a prize to Top Gold and Top Bronze as well.  
  • Most Individual Winter Warrior Miles – Top First, Second & Third
Plus, many more prizes to be announced! 

Raffle Prizes: We'll have many raffles during each event. We'll post raffle videos via video on our Facebook event page and send an email to the winner. Some prizes will be random raffles; others will be based on creative social media pictures. Plus, we'll have a most creative team name contest.

Stay connected! For the latest updates about the New Year Challenge, connect with us via the Facebook page or Instagram page.

If you have trouble with the RaceDay app or website, please contact:If you have questions about the rules of the challenge, please contact us.

About Eastside Baby Corner (EBC). EBC helps kids thrive by providing basic necessities for children so that EBC’s partners – schools, human service agencies, food banks, hospitals - can help families become stable, safe, housed, fed, and employed.  Relying on volunteers, EBC takes in donations of children’s clothing and goods from the community and wisely purchases most needed essential supplies for children that we guarantee to provide, including baby food, formula, car seats, pack n’ plays, and diapers.  The immediate, tangible assistance kids and families receive through EBC provides the tools caregivers need to care for their family and the essentials kids need to grow up healthy.  EBC began 2020 with 54 active agency partners, and through this network of agency partners, more than 1,500 children each month get what they need, when they need it.  Because of EBC, children, ages birth through 12, are warm, safe, and secure. Founded in 1990, EBC annually distributes more than 110,000  items for kids in the Central Puget Sound region. Volunteers contribute an average of 2,700 hours each month at the Issaquah Hub, EBC – West Sound Hub, and EBC - Northshore Hub. Connect with us:  find us on Facebook at  We are also on Twitter and Instagram, handle @babycorner