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Winter Fit Challenge

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Walk or run as many miles as you can between the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas!

12:00 AM, Fri. Nov 27, 2020 to 11:59 PM, Fri. Dec 25, 2020

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No surprise fees - what you see is what you pay, service fee included
12:00 AM
Create a team, join a team or as an individual.
12:00 AM
Create a team, join a team, or as an individual.
12:00 AM
Order merchandise if you're already registered.
This event has already taken place and registration ended on December 25, 2020 at 11:59 PM.

From the Organizer

Shake it up this holiday season with a bold but simple challenge: To walk or run as many miles as you can in the 29 days from the day after Thanksgiving to Christmas!

Log your walks or runs on the easy-to-use Raceday iOS app or website, then see where you stand on the real time leaderboard.

Rally your friends* to form a team to multiply the fun—while adding some helpful accountability—and rival other teams as you pile up the miles! *Friends includes family members, coworkers, clubmates, neighbors—pretty much anyone you can talk into joining the fun.

Share your achievements with custom Winter Fit Challenge photo badges for reaching milestones, enjoy festive swag choices and weekly raffle prize drawings, or go full bells-a-jingling and run in holiday attire to compete for special prizes!

Photo by Taryn Graham

This winter don’t let the cold keep you on the couch. Treat yourself to the gift of a fitter and healthier you!


We can all use a little motivation to give our bodies and minds a holiday boost, and if you're motivated by competition you'll have plenty of it! The real time leaderboard will show you where you stand in the distance ranking with everyone else in the challenge. There are also team competitions to add to the fun and camaraderie.


In addition to the individual distance standings competition, there are two team competitions with real time standings in the Raceday leaderboard:

  1. Greatest total distance. Grow your team to grow your mileage! It's that simple. Anyone around the world can participate, and we'll recognize teams with outstanding geographic diversity. Who will have members on the most continents, the most countries, and the most U.S. states?
  2. Greatest average distance per team member. Do you and your teammates go long distances? See how you stack up in the endurance department!

Holiday Swag

Your entry includes your choice of custom ornament to celebrate your participation in Winter Fit Challenge. If you'd rather not receive an ornament, or if you live outside the United States (where we are limited to shipping the ornament), you can sign up for the Challenge-only option.

With your entry, you also have the option of purchasing holiday-themed compression socks or a T-shirt, both imprinted with Winter Fit Challenge artwork.

We're able to ship to United States addresses only. Our apologies if you reside elsewhere. We still welcome you to participate in the challenge using the Challenge-only registration option.

Winter Fit Challenge T-shirts
Women's and men's style long-sleeve technical fabric T-shirts with Winter Fit Challenge artwork.

Custom Milestone Achievement Photo Badges

One of the best parts of being part of a challenge like this is celebrating your achievements with a supportive community. When you reach one of the designated distance milestones and post a photo with the hashtag, we'll use your photo to create a badge to celebrate your accomplishment and post it in an album on the Winter Fit Challenge Facebook page!

  • Marathon, 26.2 miles, 42.2 km
  • Degree of Latitude, 69 miles, 111.1 km
  • Yukon River to North Pole (Alaska) Milestone, 145 miles, 233.3 km
  • Reindeer Migration Milestone, 280 miles, 450.6 km
  • North-most Land on Earth to North Pole (Geographic) Milestone, 443.3 miles, 713.5 km

How To Do It

Just walk or run, then log your miles within four days one of two ways:

  1. 1. Using the mobile-friendly web interface from your computer or mobile device at
  2. 2. Using RaceMenu's Raceday iOS mobile app on your iPhone or iPad

Photo by Takao Suzuki


What Counts As Walking Or Running?

Any activity in which you're walking or running counts. You can run the roads, or walk around your house doing chores. Hit the trails or the treadmill. Elliptical and stair-climbing exercise machines count, because they're essentially walking. Using a wheelchair or similar mobility aid counts, so that we can include disabled people in the challenge.

Examples of things that don't count as walking or running: Bicycling, rowing, paragliding, practicing yoga, doing dance/aerobics classes (except parts that are walking or running), riding a scooter, and driving a car.

Logging Your Activities

You have five days after you do an activity in which you can log that activity. For example, you have until 11:59 pm on December 6 to log your December 1 activity. If you miss the 5-day deadline, you can still log later walks and runs, just not sessions that are more than five days in the past.

The challenge is 29 days long, which means 29 consecutive 24-hour periods, or 696 consecutive hours in which you can log activities in the challenge. You can fit the start and end times to your own time zone, however the Raceday app is in the Eastern Time Zone of the United States (UTC-5:00), so you may need to modify the logged times of your activities to get the app to recognize them as being on the correct date with respect to your local time zone.

Raffle Prizes

We'll have weekly raffle drawings to give away prizes from our sponsors.

Do your sessions in holiday attire and share photos for a chance to win special prizes!

Photo by Takao Suzuki

Keep Connected

Like our Winter Fit Challenge Facebook page to keep up on all the latest news about the challenge. Share your experience with the hashtag #WinterFitChallenge. Follow us on Instagram @winterfitchallenge.

Help and Getting in Contact

If you need assistance with the Raceday app or website, please email for help.

If you need to reach us about anything else, please email

We wish you good health and happy holidays!