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Sat Nov



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Adoption 5K Run

Bryan and Megan Gaines Adoption 5K Run will be held at Christ Fit Gym on Saturday, November 7th @ 8:00am All proceeds will go to The Gaines' as they continue on the journey of Adoption.

No surprise fees - what you see is what you pay.
8:00 AM
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My wife and I were expecting a baby girl that was due at the beginning of September. We were fortunate enough to watch her grow through every doctor’s appointment and ultrasound. Unfortunately the birth parents backed out of the adoption at the very last minute. To make matters worse we had invested a total of over $13,000.00 in attorneys fees and creating a beautiful nursery that now sits empty. We tried for 15 years by various fertility procedures including 3 rounds of IVF to start a family that resulted in five miscarriages. We have decided to move forward with our dream to become parents through a local adoption agency in Shreveport. We have submitted our application and are now ready to start the baby countdown. Having used our savings on past failed adoption we are asking our community to partner with us to raise the funds to bring our baby home. Our goal is to raise $22,700.00 within a short amount of time and we believe with your help we can do it.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Bryan and Megan Gaines