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Sat May



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Motif #1 Day 5K

This is the eighth annual 5k and 1 mile fun run for the Rockport Public Schools Health and Wellness Programs.

No surprise fees - what you see is what you pay.
9:00 AM
9:00 AM
9:00 AM
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About this Event
This is the eighth annual 5k and 1 mile fun run for the Rockport Public Schools Health and Wellness Programs. The race was born from the desire to get our students and community more involved in health and wellness activities. This year, we are excited to be partnering with the Educational Foundation for Rockport (EFR). The money raised from this year's race will go directly to the EFR to be used for our health and wellness programs at the Rockport Public Schools. In the past, the money we have raised has gone toward planting trees to shade some of our classrooms, a new filtered water filling station, hydroponics planting system for our science room and support for our school garden and greenhouse. We were thrilled to be able to purchase 35 pairs of snowshoes for our physical education classes as well as fund guest speakers, yoga instructors for the district and this year we will be funding a new initiative at the elementary school called Choose Your Passion.
This is a 5k course that is all on pavement. The course will start in downtown Rockport at Harvey Park. The address is 4 High Street, Rockport, MA 01966. The link to the course is
Cash prizes and free race entry to next years race will be awarded to the overall top male and female runners. There will also be prizes awarded for the top 2 runners male and female per age division. All 5K runners who cross the finish line will earn a Motif #1 5K race medal.
Motif #1 Day Festival
The Motif #1 Day 5k is teaming up with Motif #1 Day Festival in Rockport. Two dollars from each runner will support the nonprofit Rockport Exchange. The Motif #1 Day festival features interactive art activities, live music, local food, dance, aerial performances, poetry and more. The festival will take place throughout beautiful downtown Rockport. Here is a link to more information about Motif #1 Day.
The race will start and finish at Harvey Park in downtown Rockport. The address is 4 High Street Rockport, MA 01966.
Parking- Important
Limited parking is available downtown. We encourage everyone to carpool whenever possible. If you live nearby we encourage you to walk.
Number Pick up
Number and t-shirt pickup will be May 17th from 5-7pm at the Rockport Baptist Church located in Harvey park. You will also be able to pick up your t-shirt and bib number on race day.
T- Shirts
First 500 who register are guaranteed a t-shirt.
First 350 racers who cross the line get an official Motif #1 Day custom race medal.
Harvey Park in Downtown Rockport
Saturday, May 18 2018, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

4 High Street, Rockport, MA 01966