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2018 Charles River Marathon & Half Marathon Relay

Join us at the 2nd annual Charles River Marathon and Half Marathon Relay. The USATF Certified course is a flat 2.6 mile loop around Boston’s scenic Charles River. Marathoners run ten laps. Relay teams run 5 laps with 2, 3, 4, or 5 runners.

No surprise fees - what you see is what you pay.
7:00 AM
SOLD OUT. $150 fundraising requirement includes a great finisher’s medal, windbreaker, and post-race food & drink.
7:10 AM
Teams can have 2-5 runners. Prizes for fastest female team, fastest top male team, and fastest mixed (2/3) team.
7:00 AM
Run 3-7 laps at a consistent pace and lead a BQ group running from 6:56/mile up to 11:07/mile. (no official times)
6:00 AM
Volunteers get a free tshirt and drink tickets for the post-race party.
8:00 AM
Volunteers get a free tshirt and drink tickets for the post-race party.
Please select a race.


Charles River Marathon registration process explained:
Entering the marathon requires two steps;
1) Register on this page which captures your entry info and creates your RaceMenu fundraising page.
2) Raise at least $150 for RACE Cancer Foundation via your RaceMenu fundraising page

UPDATE JULY  24 2018:
Our wait-list is now closed. All wait-list applicants will be notified via email by 5pm today about their status. Due to overwhelming demand, we have released a few bibs with no fundraising requirement. These bibs are available with a $350 entry fee on a first-come, first-served basis. Charles River Marathon entries are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

UPDATE JUNE 20 2018:
We stopped accepting fundraiser registrations for the marathon in April. As of today, 250 fundraisers have registered (step 1) and 164 of them have raised at least $150 (step 2) to guarantee their marathon entry. The first 200 fundraisers who've reached the $150 fundraising minimum will have guaranteed entry into the marathon. If you want to know how our fundraisers are doing, you can see the amounts raised on the start list. There is no wait-list. W
e will make an announcement in early July if less than 200 runners reach the fundraising minimum by June 30th.

If, on July 1st or at the time the 200 confirmed entrants threshold has been reached, you've registered as a fundraiser and have raised more than $0 but less than $150, your marathon application will be canceled. Donations on your fundraising page are nonrefundable. All canceled applications will be reviewed and some fundraisers may still be invited into the marathon at the discretion of RACE Cancer Foundation. 

Join us 
on September 8th, 2018 for Boston RunFest, a partnership between RACE Cancer Foundation and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation to bring a full day of charitable running events to Artesani Park. The day begins with the 2nd annual Charles River Marathon & Half Marathon Relay, and continues into the evening with the Starry Night 5K. 100% of the proceeds of these events benefit RACE Cancer Foundation and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.



Marathon:  $0 entry fee. Each entrant will raise at least $150 via your personal fundraising page which is created when registering. Entry includes a great finisher’s medal, a personalized windbreaker, and post-race food & drink. Registration opens on Feb. 12th, 2018 and will close once 200 runners have reached the minimum fundraising requirement of $150.

Half Marathon Relay: $85/team through May 31st, $99/team through August 14th, $120/team through August 31st (includes finisher’s medal and post-race food & drink.) Registration opens on Mar. 19th, 2018.

Starry Night 5K: Registration is free, but please remember that our mission is to help kids with the deadliest form of childhood cancer so we encourage participants to raise at least $100.


5:30 am – Marathon & Half Marathon Relay registration opens
7:00 am – Marathon starts
7:10 am – Half Marathon Relay starts
9:30 am – Half Marathon Relay Awards Ceremony
10:30 am – Marathon Awards Ceremony – Overall Winners (top 3)
12:30pm – Marathon Awards Ceremony – Age Group Winners (top 3)
4:00 pm – Starry Night 5K registration opens
5:30pm – Starry Night 5K

Early number pick-up:
Miller's Ale House, Watertown - Friday 9/7 6-8pm

Race day number pick-up:
Artesani Park 5:30am to 6:45am

Bag check:
As with all RACE events, there will be secure bag-check area (near start/finish line) for all participants.


Marathon: Top 3 male & female overall, and age group awards: 18-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+. Overall awards are based on gun time. AG awards are based on chip (net) time. Trophies/medals can be picked up at our office but any other prizes may only be claimed at the awards ceremony. Due to permitting and volunteer constraints, the marathon will have time limit of 4 hours and 30 minutes for runners age 59 and younger. Runners 60 and older will have the time limit extended to 5 hours. 

Half Marathon Relay: Fastest female team, fastest male team, and fastest mixed team (at least one female and one male.) We’ve competed in enough relay races to recognize how difficult it can be to recruit enough people, let alone make sure they all show up on race day. For that reason, we’re doing things differently at the Charles River Half Marathon Relay. Teams can consist of two, three, four, or five runners per team, male or female. Each runner may run one, two, or three laps of the course, for a total of five laps per team. Any runner completing more than one lap must do so consecutively. So runner #1 on a 4-runner team cannot complete lap #1, then rest up and also complete lap #5. Team size and lap assignments must be finalized before the start of the race. Sorry, no 1-person entries in the half marathon. This is exclusively a team race.

BODYARMOR stations: There will be three BODYARMOR stations on the 2.6 mile loop: two along Greenough Boulevard, and one at the start/finish line. Each BODYARMOR station will have Sports Drink and Water.

Dogs and strollers: Sorry, while dogs and strollers are typically welcome in our events, we can’t allow either in this event.

Pacing: We acknowledge that recruiting friends to help pace you during a marathon is common practice, and especially tempting on a ten lap course. We’ve capped the field size for safety reasons due to narrow paths, especially along the bridges. We may have pace groups if there’s enough demand. If you want someone to pace you, they must be an official entrant or you risk disqualification. For more info, refer to USATF rule 144 (page 58.) We expect there will be a USATF official be at the event.

We need volunteers!
We are seeking volunteers to help with several aspects of the event. Please sign up to volunteer at

Public Transportation: Harvard Square MBTA Station is a 1.1 miles away. The 70, 70a, and 86 buses will drop you .1 mile away at Western Ave & Everett St. Plan your trip here: Google Trip Planner

Parking: There’s a large parking area (lot #4) at 1101 Soldiers Field Road next to the start/finish area.

Postponement, Cancellation and Refund Policy:
All events are held rain or shine. In the event of severely inclement weather, an event may be postponed to another date. No refunds will be issued due to conflicts with the postponement date. If RACE must cancel the event due to circumstances beyond our control, no refunds will be issued. Please remember that all proceeds go to charity. Charles River Marathon fundraiser entries and related donations are non-transferable.