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5th Annual BUILD Entrepreneur Games

The Entrepreneur Games brings together members of Boston's startup, tech, and VC community for a day of fierce but friendly competition. These tickets are for players on teams of 10 or less. Larger groups should email for ticket info.

No surprise fees - what you see is what you pay.
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Individual Participant Ticket
3:30 PM

The Entrepreneur Games is the hottest team building event of the year for Boston's startup, VC, and tech community.  It brings more than 1,000 players together for an afternoon of fierce, but friendly competition.

Gather your colleagues together and form a team today.  Have fun and support a great cause!

  • 40+ mental and athletic challenges from team events like dodgeball, volleyball and tug-of-war, to individual events like Dance Dance Revolution, corn hole, ping pong and more.

  • 1,000+ participants representing dozens of startups, investment firms, and big tech companies

  • 30+ of Boston's best food & beverage companies giving away unlimited free food, drinks, and beer!

  • $600K+ raised for BUILD's student entrepreneurs since 2013

These tickets are for teams of 10 players or less. If you want to send more than ten players, please contact Kira at about purchasing a sponsorship or custom ticket package.

All players must pre-register and complete an electronic waiver. Final team rosters including names and email addresses are due to BUILD by October 4th.

Visit the Entrepreneur Games Website for more information.