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Sun Oct



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Harvest 5K Run & Walk

The Sullivan West Varsity Cross Country teams are hosting their first 5K run / walk!

No surprise fees - what you see is what you pay.
9:00 AM
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Sullivan West High School is a small school in Sullivan County, NY and our running program competes in NYSPHAA Section 9 Class D. 

Our athletes are dedicated to the sport and demonstrate boundless sportsmanship among their own team and to others. Each year, we try to take the team on a sport-related trip; for the past few years, we've participated in the Wild Safari Invitational at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. 

Trips such as this require the team to raise the necessary funds to go. This year, we decided that our fundraiser could not only integrate our sport, but also support the community in a fun and healthy way; and thus the Track the Bulldogs Booster Club, on behalf of the Sullivan West Running Program, is sponsoring their first 5K run/walk!

Please come and join us on October 8th for a fun day of running and walking.