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Sat Jul



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2016 Midnight Owl 15K Run

Winners are the first five runners to cross the finish line AFTER MIDNIGHT. Estimate how long you will take to cover the Garmin measured 15K (9.3 mile) course and start when the countdown clock at the start line reads that time. NO WATCHES ALLOWED

No surprise fees - what you see is what you pay.
9:30 PM
Hand crafted commemerative awards to first five runners to cross finish line AFTER MIDNIGHT.
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Mount Washington Valley Skating Club presents.......



























How it works: Winners are the first five runners to cross the finish line AFTER MIDNIGHT.  Course opens at 9:30pm and runners decide when to start running based on their estimate of how long it will take them to cover the 15K (9.3mile) course.  (Example:  If you think it will take you an hour and 15 minutes to run the course, start running at 10:45pm when the countdown clock at the start reads -1:15:00).  To make it fair NO WATCHES OR TIMING DEVICES ALLOWED!  Runners will however be chip timed.






$45.00 starting at 8:00pm at Schouler Park, Main St.  North Conway, NH. 

Amenities: All participants registering before 7/1/16 are guaranteed a Dry Teck Performance T-shirt. A limited number of shirts will be available to those registering after this date.

Custom designed finisherʼs medals to all finishers.

Timing:  Large synchronized display clocks will be located a the start and finish lines of the race and a timing device will record the finish time of each participant.  Runners and walkers are asked to note the time they start running so as to be able to calculate their running time at the end of the race.  

Shuttle bus to transport runners and spectators between Schouler Park and the Ham Arena will run from approximately 9:45pm to 12:45am.

Post race “Midnight Snack” refreshments to all participants at the Ham Arena finish.

Packet Pick Up: Packet pick up at Schouler Park on Saturday, July 16th from 8:00pm to 10:30pm.


Course Safety: Due to this being a night time event, REFLECTIVE CLOTHING/VESTS are required of all participants so as to be seen by traffic AND HEADLAMPS OR FLASHLIGHTS are required so as to illuminate the road in front of you (portions of the course are not lit and if it is overcast course will be dark). In addition, the Fire Chief has requested that SPECTATORS NOT FOLLOW OR “LEAPFROG” RUNNERS IN SUPPORT VEHICLES ON WEST SIDE ROAD. A shuttle bus will be available to carry spectators from Schouler Park to the Ham Arena.

Reflective Vests: Jog a Lite brand reflective vests are available for purchase at the discounted rate of $12.00 each and can be ordered during on line registration to be picked up night of race. A limited number of vests will be available for sale the night of the event.

Lodging:  White Mountains Hostel, located along our race route, is again offering affordable lodging for participants at the reduced rate of $25 per person.  Reserve online at and receive discounted "Midnight Owl Group" rate upon check-in.   For other lodging options visit

Parking: Participants and spectators are encouraged to park in North Conway in the parking lot behind Eastern Slope Inn and across the street from Schouler park in the Camber of Commerce Parking lot. Shuttle bus can carry spectators from Schouler Park to the Ham Arena during the race and runners and spectators back to Schouler Park from Ham Arena after the race.

Course Description: Course is a Garmin measured 15K (9.3 mile) course best described as gently rolling but with no significant hills. Course starts at Schouler Park on Norcross Place in front of Conway Scenic Railroad train station. Runners will run counterclockwise around the perimeter of Schouler Park and north on Main Street. Take a left onto River Road followed by another left onto West Side Road. Will then run the entire length of West Side Road taking a right onto Washington Street followed by a right onto Main Street in Conway Village. Runners will run down Main Street taking a left onto West Main Street. Runners will then run past the Ham Arena (where they may get a glimpse at the clock) and take a left onto Kennett Street followed by a left onto Hobbs Street which leads to the FINISH at the back entrance to the Ham Arena. (See map details).

Water Stops: There will be water and sports drinks provided at water stops at approximately the 2.5 mile, 5 mile and 7.5 mile markers as well as at the finish line.

Volunteers: Non running friends and family members are needed to volunteer for race night jobs. Volunteers will get a Jog a Lite reflective vest as well as post race Midnight Snack refreshments. To volunteer please contact Madeleine at or call 603 986-1650.


Many thanks to those who give a hoot.....

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The Pequawket Foundation


The Profile Group



 Settler's Green/Settler's Crossing

Eastern Propane



Crest Auto World        Pepsi/Varsity Beverage

Conway Daily Sun        Silver Moon Mosaics

Soyfire Candle       Mt. Center Physical Therapy

ADN Internet & Telephone


                               Ham Arena         The UPS Store                       

    White Mountains Hostel                                                   Jogalite, Inc.        Leavitt's Country Bakery       Tri Tek Events

Sweet Maple Cafe      Kennett High School     Memorial Hospital

Starbucks Coffee Co.      White Mountain Milers       New Balance






Race director and/or Town of Conway officials reserve the right to alter, shorten or cancel the Midnight Owl 15K if weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances are felt to pose undue threat to the safety of participants or volunteers.  In the unlikely event of cancellation, no refunds will be offered.