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Lighthouse To Lighthouse Race - 2012 Event Page

Paddle or row 14 or 7 Miles around the Norwalk Islands starts Shady Beach -> Pecks Ledge Light -> Greens Ledge Light & back. Great location, competition, and after party. Open to all sea-worthy, human-powered craft! SEE BELOW for 2013 page link!

No surprise fees - what you see is what you pay.
10:00 AM
10:00 AM
Please select a race.
This event has already taken place and registration ended on September 15, 2012 at 10:00 AM.

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You have reached the 2012 Lighthouse to Lighthouse Registration page. For 2013 information & to sign up, please visit the 2013 L2L Registration page.

The course, starting by Shady Beach in Norwalk, will go around Sprite Island, go around Pecks Ledge Lighthouse, head south to Greens Ledge Lighthouse and come back along the same course to finish in front of ShadyBeach (see chart). The race is approximately 14 miles. The race is open to all seaworthy human powered vessels.

The 7 mile course option follows the same route, only half-way. The turnaround will be a large orange inflatable bema buoy in back of Copps Island.

No rain date. All competitors will be required to sign waivers before being permitted to start the race. (Save yourself some time - this is included as part of registration process when you sign up online). PFD’s consistent with Coast Guard regulations are required for each competitor. Whistles or horns are required on each boat. Boats should have bailers, pumps or self-bailers. A backup bailer is recommended.

Compasses, charts, gps units, cell phones etc. are good to have also. You should have water and/or sports drink. Hats and sunscreen should be considered.

On Race Day:

  1. Check in at Shady Beach in Norwalk at 7:30-8:30 am.
    • Attend mandatory pre-race orientation at 8:30 am
    • Get the race course directions
    • Get your T-shirt
    • Get Your Race Number
    • Confirm your entry
  2. Race to Win!
  3. Participate in the picnic on the beach (non-racers must pay $20/each to eat - you can buy extra tickets for them during registration)
  4. Collect your medal (if you win)
  5. Brag to your friends…

Racing Classes/Categories

  • Fast Sea Kayak (FSK)- Woman
  • Fast Sea Kayak (FSK)-Man
  • High Performance Kayak (HPK)- Man
  • High Performance Kayak (HPK) Tandem – Man
  • High Performance kayak (HPK)- Woman
  • Kayak Sea or Touring (SK)-Man
  • Kayak Sea or Touring (SK)-Woman
  • Kayak-Tandem
  • OC1 – Men
  • OC1 – Women
  • OC-2 - Men
  • OC-2 - Women
  • OC-2 - Mixed
  • OC-6 - Men
  • OC-6 - Women
  • OC-6 - Mixed
  • Rowing Fixed Seat Double – Men
  • Rowing Fixed Seat Double – Women
  • Rowing Fixed Seat Single – Man
  • Rowing Fixed Seat Single – Woman
  • Rowing Fixed Seat Workboat -Men
  • Rowing Fixed Seat Workboat Woman
  • Rowing Sliding Seat Double (racing) – Men
  • Rowing Sliding Seat Double (racing) – Women
  • Rowing Sliding Seat Double (touring) – Men
  • Rowing Sliding Seat Double (touring) – Women
  • Rowing Sliding Seat Single (racing) – Man
  • Rowing Sliding Seat Single (racing) – Woman
  • Rowing Sliding Seat Single (touring) – Man
  • Rowing Sliding Seat Single (touring) – Woman
  • SUP- Stand Up Paddleboard-Man
  • SUP-Stand Up Paddleboard-Woman
  • Achilles Tandem
  • Other category not listed on menu
    More details on classes:

Directions to the Race

  • Shady Beach/ Calf Pature Beach is Exit 16 off I-95 in Norwalk, CT
  • I-95 South – end of ramp go left
  • I-95 North – end of ramp go right.
  • Take left after cemetary, bear right
  • Left at monumednt/rotary
  • Right on Beach Road to guardhouse
  • Bear left into Shady Beach
  • Parking is free with so long as you provide your license plate number during online registration. Also free if you are a Norwalk Resident with a Sticker.