Let's crush cancer in 2022!

Proceeds from RACE Cancer Foundation's Super Sunday race will benefit Mass General Cancer Center in 2022. RACE fights cancer through action and prevention. Their running events promote health and wellness in the community, reducing the risk of cancer while raising funds and awareness for organizations dedicated to fighting cancer. Their programs create opportunities to reduce and detect cancer through education, prevention, and screening measures. @racecancer's Sunscreen Squad fights skin cancer by bringing free sunscreen dispensers to outdoor events across New England.

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Benefiting RACE Cancer Foundation & Mass General Cancer Center

raised out of $1,500 goal

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Benefiting RACE Cancer Foundation & Mass General Cancer Center

raised out of $1,500 goal


$25.00 from Michelle Lamprecht

"Well done James. Looks like Alex is running too? Good luck to you both :)"

$50.00 from Franceen Shaughnessy

$50.00 from Tara Moore

$25.00 from Ciara McGahey

"Go go go James!!!"

$50.00 from Drew McGrady


$50.00 from Jeff McCabe

"Hurry up."

$100.00 from Ken Karnofsky

$100.00 from Karen Tuttle

"Next year my friend....Glad you and Goff are representing...."

$100.00 from Jack Northcott

$141.00 from Joseph Kirk

"Run, James, Run!"

$35.00 from Adrienne Spelker

"Good luck!"

$50.00 from Evan Fray-Witzer

"Go Team NP!!"

$200.00 from Scott Gleason

$25.00 from Corina Fifield

"Have a great run for a great cause"

$50.00 from Orla Pujado

"crush cancer!"

$100.00 from Kristen Rehl

"Go James!"

$50.00 from Noam Levine

$100.00 from Bob Meindl

"Knock ‘em dead"

$100.00 from Brian Callahan

"Pay it Forward"

$25.00 from JC Bouvier

"Smooth sailing pal!"

$50.00 from Anne Balu

"Good luck!"

$25.00 from Julia mcLaughlin

"Go James! Thank you"

$50.00 from Francesca Habeeb

"You got this James!!"

$75.00 from Erika Cohen Derr

"Go James, Go! Beat cancer!"

$50.00 from Sandra McCabe

"“A good laugh and a long run are the two best cures for anything.” ~Unknown"

$50.00 from Mike McCabe

$25.00 from Eric Prendergast

$50.00 from Silvina Grad

$50.00 from Ronit velde

$200.00 from Karin McEwen

$500.00 from MILL5 (c/o Richard Crane)

"James, Run Like The Wind! Your Friend, Rich, and All The Folks @ MILL5"