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Eastie Farm brings together personal and planetary health in the most palatable and communal way :) People gather to steward urban spaces to grow healthy soil and healthy food. Eastie Farm brings people together to grow healthy food for those most in need.

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Benefiting Eastie Farm

raised out of $100 goal


$13.00 from Alyssa Goulet

"Proud of you Mumma ♥️"

$75.00 from Anonymous

$25.00 from Mollie Wheeler

$207.00 from Anonymous

"Good Luck baby! Beanie & I are rootin for you!"

$10.00 from Amy Caron

"You go girl!! ♡"

$10.00 from Christine Joyce

"Kick butt I’m so proud of you ❤️"

$25.00 from Mom & Dad ♥️

"Keep up the great job! So proud of you continuing to reach your goals ♥️"

$25.00 from Michele Q Littlefield

$42.00 from Gillian Philbrick

"You got this friend!! Lots of love!!"

$18.00 from Anonymous

$50.00 from michael melendez