Coming in last since 2013!

Thanks for supporting my run/walk for the Oak Square YMCA! Gifts at any level are welcome and will be put to good use in support of our community! Best, Mary

Benefiting YMCA of Greater Boston

raised out of $1,000 goal

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Benefiting YMCA of Greater Boston

raised out of $1,000 goal


$50.00 from Lisa and Joe Finigan

"You go girl!"

$100.00 from Mike Fritz

"Keep going, Mare!"

$250.00 from Anonymous

$100.00 from Lauren & John Flynn

"Good Luck Mary!"

$100.00 from Pat Bartram

$100.00 from Tom Flynn

$100.00 from Thomas F. Flynn

$50.00 from Jenique LeBlond

"Go Mary. Wonderful work being done In and for The community bu the YMCA."

$100.00 from Mike Fritz

"Such a great day; such a great cause. Go Y!"

$50.00 from julie norton

$50.00 from Kathy Cotter

"Go Mary! Looks like fun!"

$200.00 from Kathleen Driscoll

"Great organization Mary - Go Girl!"

$50.00 from Katherine Myers

$100.00 from Marie Louise Greenidge

"You’re always supporting a worthy cause, Mary. You go lady!"

$250.00 from Anonymous