Message from Jack


Jack is excited to run this year's virtual Together We Run 5k! Jack has participated in East BOOston Y's 5K since its inaugural race, pushed by Uncle David in his duck costume. This year, Jack will join mom and dad to help support the ongoing food insecurity and child care need that East Boston has continued to see since the pandemic began in mid-March: flipping our operation immediately to a main food hub and essential childcare. Both continue to be a challenge in the Eastie community and the Y without hesitation has stepped in to help where we can and foresee this continue through the 2020-2021 school year. Be Kind, Be a Doer, Be Like Jack and donate today!

Benefiting YMCA of Greater Boston

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Benefiting YMCA of Greater Boston

raised out of $1,000 goal


$25.00 from Calvin & Dylan

"Go get 'em JACK!"

$25.00 from Melissa Brennan

"Good luck!"

$25.00 from Tara & Allen Thigpen

"Good luck Jack!"

$25.00 from Riley, Kendall, and Kelsey

$25.00 from Candace griffin

"Run jack run. Love, Fidler 5"

$100.00 from Maeve & Patrick Mahoney

"Way to go Jack! Being A Doer. ❤️"

$50.00 from Chris and Chloe

"Run, run, run Jack!"

$100.00 from stephen chaisson

"Don't walk..... Run, Jack, RUN!!!!"

$25.00 from Anonymous

$10.00 from Anonymous

"Good luck Jack !"

$25.00 from Gallagher Family

"Lite it up.........Jacko !!!"

$100.00 from Vinny Ieni

"Run Jack, Run!"

$50.00 from Suzanne Carr

"Go Jack!"

$25.00 from Mary + Joe Campos

"Go Jack!"

$25.00 from JC

"Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t."

$100.00 from Paul O’Callahan

$25.00 from Eileen Sullivan

"Good luck Jack!"

$25.00 from Sharon Melillo

$25.00 from Mary Beth Tucker

$100.00 from Kitty Whelan

$10.00 from Kerri Johnson

"Good luck Jack!"

$100.00 from Joan Markham

"In memory of David Whelan and all the guardian angels smiling upon us. Be Well Jack and stay safe!"

$25.00 from Patrick Kearns

"Go Jack!!"

$50.00 from Anonymous

"In loving memory of DMW - "Always Be a Doer!""

$100.00 from Jeanmarie and Chris Cory

$50.00 from Mike Chaisson

$100.00 from Jacqueline Chaisson

"In loving memory of all the wonderful people that touched our lives"