Please join me in crushing cancer!

RACE Cancer Foundation fights cancer through action and prevention. Their running events promote health and wellness in the community, reducing the risk of cancer while raising critical funds and awareness for organizations dedicated to fighting cancer. Their programs create opportunities to reduce and detect cancer through education, prevention, and screening measures. @racecancer's Sunscreen Squad fights skin cancer by bringing free sunscreen dispensers to outdoor events like Boulderthon®.

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Benefiting RACE Cancer Foundation

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Benefiting RACE Cancer Foundation

raised out of $2,000 goal


$50.00 from Calder Malin

"i hope u get 1st place"

$25.00 from Jake Quinn

"Run fast!"

$25.00 from Doriann Wegner

"Best of luck!"

$50.00 from Andrew Igler

"Lets gooo"

$50.00 from JAMES HOGAN

"Good luck JP!"

$100.00 from Peter Townsend

"Great job JD !"

$50.00 from Laine Lagor

"Good Luck!"

$50.00 from Chris Connolly

"Go JP!"

$100.00 from Megan Davis

"So glad I have such an impactful impression on you!! Run on!"

$50.00 from Patrick Quirke

"Love it bro! You’ll have the most fun"

$50.00 from Jack McGuigan

$50.00 from Pete Sidari

"Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose... Proud of you bruv!"

$25.00 from Uncle Jeff

"Finish on E brother!"

$30.00 from Kendal Packo

$200.00 from Michael Davis

"You’ll probably finish...NICK"

$100.00 from Michael Davis

"Proud of you"

$25.00 from Travis Kent

"Legs feed the wolf"

$200.00 from James Nazzaro

"Good luck great cause man!"

$25.00 from Ben Simons

"Go get em my dog!"

$25.00 from Annie Blanco

$25.00 from Connor McCarthy

"Let’s go Davis!"

$15.00 from Cait Allweiss

"You’ve got this!"

$100.00 from Anonymous

$25.00 from Conor Duggan

"Knock em dead!"

$10.00 from Shane Swanson