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Connor has Sanfilippo Syndrome, a rare, genetic, and fatal neurodegenerative disease likened to a childhood Alzheimer’s. He will lose all the skills he’s gained, stop speaking and walking, suffer seizures and movement disorders, and then die, all in a matter of years. Right before our eyes. But there's hope. A cure is possible. Your support will make it happen in time to save Connor. Please help fund the clinical trial that could save Connor's life. Your donation will help fund the first-ever clinical trial for Connor's specific type of Sanfilippo (Type C). The sooner the funds are raised, the sooner the trial can begin.

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Benefiting Cure Sanfilippo Foundation

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Benefiting Cure Sanfilippo Foundation

raised out of $100 goal


$300.00 from Bentley Systems Incorporated


$50.00 from Anonymous

"Saying prayers for Connor, his family, and others out there..."

$100.00 from Bill

"For Connor and a cure."

$25.00 from Sharon Savedra

"My thoughts and prayers go out to Connor and family. And that something can be done for such a sweet young boy."

$100.00 from Erica Dugan

"Praying for a cure, all kids should have the opportunity to be adults."

$100.00 from Daniel Miller

$25.00 from Dana Miceli

"Prayers for Connor and family. God Bless."

$100.00 from Elizabeth Lammers

$100.00 from Julie Kotler

"Your whole community is backing you, Connor! Let's fight for a cure!"

$30.00 from Anonymous

$50.00 from Denman's

$25.00 from nancy kibbe

"Good luck! Have Faith."

$50.00 from Mary Jane Moyer

"Praying for a cure and sending love to his family."

$25.00 from Gretchen Pugh

"Thinking of you and praying they find a cure!"

$100.00 from Mark Wagner

$100.00 from Vail Family

"Best of luck Connor, you have an entire community standing behind you"

$100.00 from John and Maureen Menarde