I'm Running My First Marathon!

Please join me in crushing cancer by donating to the RACE Cancer Foundation! Their running events promote health and wellness in the community, reducing the risk of cancer while raising critical funds and awareness for organizations dedicated to fighting cancer. Their programs create opportunities to reduce and detect cancer through education, prevention, and screening measures. Thanks, Collin

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Benefiting RACE Cancer Foundation

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Race heart
Benefiting RACE Cancer Foundation

raised out of $1,500 goal


$150.00 from Michael Doyle

"Run so fast your feet don’t touch the ground"

$25.00 from Doug Coulthart

"Good luck mate! Hope the chafing is only minor."

$25.00 from Graham Bailhache

$50.00 from Carmen & Alex Chenok

"Good luck on your first marathon!"

$100.00 from Amanda Campbell

"Go get em Collin!!"

$20.00 from Diran Ayandele

"It's only like 55000 steps."

$25.00 from Drew Madison

$25.00 from Bill Mark

"What Jess said...but the cause is good so here you go..."

$25.00 from Pablo Paldao

$25.00 from Jess Faneuf

"Marathons are stupid."

$50.00 from Zachary Wishon

"Good luck in the marathon."

$50.00 from Jason Hansel

"Run it like you MEAT it"

$50.00 from Michael Smeenk

"I'm donating your fantasy football buy-in that I won from you this year to this worthy cause"

$100.00 from Tyler and Angie Graf

"Hell yeah Collin!"

$20.00 from Anonymous

$50.00 from Steve Savage

"Under 2 hours?"

$50.00 from Dave & Meg Winter

$200.00 from Mike and Kate McTigue

"Collin - Good luck in your first marathon. We'll be there to cheer you on! Mom and Dad"

$100.00 from Anonymous

"Your dedication to fitness is impressive. And you happen to be super good at it which is a bonus. Excited to come cheer you on!"

$50.00 from Michael Mendoza

$100.00 from Ryan Waldron

"Gooooo Collin"

$50.00 from Erin and Brannon wilkerson

"Sam says “I hope uncle Collins race is at the beach again!!”"

$100.00 from Anonymous