Please join me in supporting @racecancer.

RACE Cancer Foundation fights cancer through action and prevention. Their running events promote health and wellness in the community, reducing the risk of cancer while raising funds and awareness for organizations dedicated to fighting cancer. Their programs create opportunities to reduce and detect cancer through education, prevention, and screening measures. @racecancer's Sunscreen Squad fights skin cancer by bringing free sunscreen dispensers to outdoor events across New England.

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Benefiting RACE Cancer Foundation

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Benefiting RACE Cancer Foundation

raised out of $500 goal


$25.00 from Donna Gavin

"Way to go Natalia!"

$50.00 from The Dover Constas'


$50.00 from Ellen Bradford

"Your Grandmother is smiling down on you."

$50.00 from Karen M. Goglia

$100.00 from Karen Clemmey

"Good for you, Nat!"

$50.00 from Jen Flanagan

"Good luck Natalia! ❤"

$100.00 from Zoe Sexhus

"We need a cure ❤️"

$50.00 from Maria Fischer

"From the DaFonte/Fischer kids"

$50.00 from Maria Fischer

"Nana would be so proud of you! Love you~ Auntie"

$100.00 from Dick & Christine Cournoyer

"We are proud to support you in honor of your Grandmother. She must have been a remarkable woman given the amazing women that you and your mom are."