Join me in the fight against cancer!

I'm joining the fight against cancer by participating in the Harper Cancer Fitness Challenge for the Harper Cancer Research Institute at the University of Notre Dame. From October 26 - November 3, I will be increasing my impact by getting active and logging my activity, there will be a match — for every 10 minutes or mile of activity logged, there will be a $1 match. So a 30-minute walk = $3 towards cancer research. Harper is working tirelessly to develop new technologies and methodologies that detect cancer earlier and improve upon traditional means of treatment. But they can't do it alone. Join me by donating to the cause today or signing up for the Challenge!

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Benefiting The Harper Cancer Research Institute

raised out of $10,000 goal

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Benefiting The Harper Cancer Research Institute

raised out of $10,000 goal


$50.00 from Anonymous

$150.00 from Joe Hart

"In honor of my mom, Kathy"

$50.00 from Anonymous

"For Team Marcos! Estefan, so great to honor your father this way!"

$50.00 from Gabriel Iturralde Duenas

"My mother fight 20 years of cancer after being said that she had just few years. The research you has an amazing value for people that suffer and thei"

$25.00 from Lynne Meyer

"In Memory of my Dad... Bill Meyer ♥️ Go Team O’Sullivan!!"

$50.00 from Liam O'Reilly

"A source of hope to those without hope"

$10.00 from Julia Hawthorne

$200.00 from Anonymous

"Spread Love"

$25.00 from LANA & STEVE WRIGHT

"Honoring our family and friends and pray for a cure for new beginnings."

$25.00 from Anonymous

"In honor of all cancer victims."

$50.00 from Connie Wood

$25.00 from Lynn Roy

$25.00 from Linda DeCicco

$50.00 from Dylan and Tatum Scarpato

"You go Sylvia!"

$25.00 from Stephanie Ehren

$50.00 from Garry M. Marley

"In honor of the Class of '74"

$10.00 from Kim Durm

$10.00 from Greg Durm

$50.00 from Anonymous

$50.00 from Dawn Mays

"For all the kids in our Fighting Irish Fight for Life program"

$10.00 from Anonymous

$10.00 from Anonymous

$25.00 from Corinne Viglietta '06 & Chris Manley '04

"In memory of my dad, Joe Viglietta, who died 6/1/19 from cancer and loved ND."

$20.00 from Jessica M Warnell

"Honoring my mother Linda DeCicco who is undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer, and my dear student Estefan Linares’ father."

$25.00 from Kathy & Ron Skoda

"O'Sullivan Lab"

$10.00 from Julie Bouwkamp

"For Aragona Girls team!!!!"

$25.00 from Shawn Broz

$10.00 from Adrian Trujillo

$10.00 from William Highducheck

$100.00 from Rich Hohman

"in memory of Teresa Hohman - passed 1/1/19 from breast cancer"

$50.00 from Michael Trausch

$10.00 from Dee Gipson

$300.00 from Anonymous

$50.00 from David Monroe 1971

$100.00 from Gerald A Nathe

"This is indeed a worthy cause; I wish you the best in the race to meet your goal of $10,000."

$50.00 from Pat & Chuck Morgan

$10.00 from Patrick Vallez-Kelly

$50.00 from John W. Nagel, '64

$100.00 from Howard Wood

"In hopes that others can be as fortunate as my wife , Sue, who is a breast cancer survivor."

$10.00 from Carole Cooper Mafrige

"Blessings for a great cause!"

$10.00 from Jack Gallagher

$100.00 from Anonymous

$50.00 from Kerry Meyers

$25.00 from Jose L GONZALEZ

"I lost my father mid-way through high school. You will persevere. Pax et Bonum. GO IRISH! '74"

$10.00 from Mary Merrill

$10.00 from Sean M Markey

$13.00 from Mark Sullivan ND 2009

"May our Lady continue to bless you, your father and family"

$50.00 from Teresa Arosemena ´95

$25.00 from Michael Woods

$25.00 from Christina Doherty ‘00

$35.00 from Patrick M. Reidy

""We are the Fighting Irish!" Go Marcos! Go Class of 1975!"

$100.00 from Judith A. Flannery

$50.00 from Giulia Bertucci Arencibia ND ‘00

$25.00 from James Cassidy

$10.00 from Joshua Golub

"I have struggled with cancer myself, twice. Good luck!"

$100.00 from Kevin Elpers

$10.00 from Anonymous

$10.00 from Lauren Cooney

$10.00 from Krissy Estrada

$25.00 from Joseph Michaels

$100.00 from Jorge Richa ND’91

"In the name of loved ones who lost their battle and many more who are putting on the good fight! Go Irish ☘️"

$25.00 from Paul Apostolou

$100.00 from Gerard Donnelly

$25.00 from Neil Smith

"A fight worth fighting!"

$250.00 from Alex Aguirre

$10.00 from Michele Vollmer

"Glad to help the class of 1987 and Team Marcos."

$100.00 from Benjamin Kelly

$100.00 from Mark & Shannon Farrell

$10.00 from Anonymous

$10.00 from Devon Aragona