Coming Out of Retirement to Run 26.2 & #fkcancer

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I am out of retirement and running the 2019 Charles River Marathon to benefit RACE Cancer Foundation. I want to raise $250 by 06/30. If you would like to donate to kicking cancer's ass, I would be very grateful. To all my friends and family affected by this illness, I AM RUNNING FOR YOU because.. well... #fkcancer! For each the first 10 people to donate $25+, I will wear a t shirt with one of my 10 most embarrassing moments. For just $25 you could force me to wear gems like, "Super gluing my eye shut in 7th Grade" or "Falling down and landing on a plate of hot spaghetti my first week at MHS." You pick! More on this to come! Stay tuned!

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Benefiting RACE Cancer Foundation

raised out of $250 goal

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Benefiting RACE Cancer Foundation

raised out of $250 goal


$25.00 from Noressa santomenna

"Get it girl! ❤️"

$50.00 from Sara Almquist-Ganis

"Way to go, Jen!!!"

$50.00 from Jack O’Brien

"Jenny welcome back from running retirement! Kick some a$$"

$50.00 from Dawn Vonderheide

"You go girl!! Billie would be proud of you."

$100.00 from Tom and Tracy O’brien

"For Uncle Fred, Billy and my friend Bryan who is sick with cancer and everyone who has been touched by cancer. You got this!"

$50.00 from Krissi, Derek, Kaylee, & Brodie Ferreira

"Go Jen! In memory of the grandparents my babies will never know."

$10.00 from Rachel Puopolo

"Go Jen!"

$25.00 from Nikkilee Condon-Sheehan

"❤️ Nikki & Alex"