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I am excited to finally run my first marathon in an attempt to earn a Boston qualifying time! It gives me that much more motivation to know that I will be helping raise money for cancer research/awareness. For all the people in my life who have bravely dealt with a cancer battle, I will run every step with them in my memory. I hope you will help me in the effort! RACE Cancer Foundation fights cancer through action and prevention, reducing the risk of cancer by raising funds and awareness for organizations dedicated to fighting cancer. 100% of the proceeds of this marathon will benefit the RACE Cancer Foundation and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

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Benefiting RACE Cancer Foundation

raised out of $275 goal


$25.00 from Nancy Dimock

"Good luck! You're amazing."

$25.00 from Ona Jonaityte

"Best of luck!"

$25.00 from Marisa Lizak

$25.00 from Caroline Martin

"Good luck!!! I’ll be there cheering you on!"

$100.00 from Kim Do

"Thank for doing the run!"

$100.00 from Diane Pursley

"We'll be cheering for you! Good luck!"

$25.00 from Emily Qiu

"Good luck Jessica!! You're going to kill it!"

$100.00 from Prabhav Morje

$50.00 from Cynthia Lee

$25.00 from Andrew Lu

"Good luck and enjoy running!!!"

$40.00 from Dean Yang

"Good Luck!"

$25.00 from Michelle Wu

"Keep running and practicing like playing flute. I hope you make the cut for the Boston Marathon! Good Luck!"

$25.00 from Anita Keltcher

"Good luck! Hope you make the cut for the Boston Marathon!!"

$25.00 from yue gao

"You're so brave! Good Luck!"

$25.00 from Amanda Taylor

"Good luck, Jess!"

$25.00 from Melanie zanini

"Good luck and have fun!!!!"

$50.00 from Donna Lizak

"Good Luck and have fun."

$15.00 from Rachel Ciraldo

"Good luck!!"

$20.00 from Katie Barnes

"Good luck!!!"

$30.00 from Linda Cross

"Good luck!"