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RACE Cancer Foundation fights cancer through action and prevention. Their running events promote health and wellness in the community, reducing the risk of cancer while raising funds and awareness for organizations dedicated to fighting cancer. Their programs create opportunities to reduce and detect cancer through education, prevention, and screening measures. @racecancer's Sunscreen Squad fights skin cancer by bringing free sunscreen dispensers to outdoor events across New England.

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Benefiting RACE Cancer Foundation

raised out of $100 goal


$25.00 from Deidra Viney

"You inspire me! Keep going and great job for a great cause"

$25.00 from Anonymous

"Congrats and thank you!"

$50.00 from Anonymous

$50.00 from Michele ford

$25.00 from Jennifer Buesser

"Way to go Cyndy and Pepper!"

$25.00 from Amy McCampbell

"Rock on Cyndy!"

$50.00 from Anonymous

"Great job!"

$25.00 from Caroline Fabiano

$50.00 from Danielle Tarquinio

$25.00 from The Oshiro's

"Yay Cyndy!! You are so inspirational!"

$14.00 from Chris and Beth Czubati

"Cancer gets Cats too. So proud"

$20.00 from Laura Lab

$15.00 from Suzanne Pennell

"You're the best Cyndy! ❤"

$20.00 from The Loebs

$20.00 from Rose DeSena

"Go Cyndy!"

$25.00 from Sasha

$25.00 from Regina Rodgers

"This is in memory of my brother in-law Riley who we lost to cancer. Today is his birthday. You rock, mama!"

$25.00 from Mary McNamara

$25.00 from Jan Akerblom

"Keep on running!"

$25.00 from The Lewis Family

"25 runs! You go Girl! Thanks for inspiring me and others to do more. Keep it up! XOXO"

$25.00 from Dan Bagnato

$50.00 from Carol J. Berkowitz

$60.00 from Peg

"$30 for Cyndy and $30 for Pepper! In memory of our dad."

$20.00 from Lori Mongelli

"Role Model!!!!"

$25.00 from Sarah Kravits

"In memory of a friend who died of cancer this week, and in honor of your amazing commitment, Cyndy. Thank you, and keep running!!"

$25.00 from Karen Mengden

"You've earned this, especially today!"

$15.00 from Mirabel + Sasha & Co.

"Go Cyndy! Go Pepper!"

$20.00 from Elizabeth Galella

$20.00 from Grace & Arnold Rintzler

"Go Cyndy!!!"

$15.00 from Brie Charles

$25.00 from Nikki Bashkoff

"You rock!!!"

$25.00 from Virginia M Krompinger

"Good luck, Cyndy!"

$50.00 from Peter Scalora

"Good luck with your runs !"

$40.00 from Anonymous

$10.00 from Michael Rintzler

"You go, honey!"