Til Every Child is well

Running of the Leprechauns was originally created in 2013 by a mom who's child was sick of being sick and wanted to know why she couldn't do a fundraiser to "fix him". In reflection, fundraising for sick children to be well FIXES us all. 1000's have stepped up to participate through the years, 100's of sponsors and volunteers make it happen every year, so many friendships created, tears shed and laughter on end. Please help me reach my personal fundraising goal by making a donation to Boston Childrens Hospital, the number 1 Children's Hospital in the world, right here in our own backyard.

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Benefiting Boston Childrens Hospital

raised out of $10,000 goal

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Bostonchildrens hospitol logo 2
Benefiting Boston Childrens Hospital

raised out of $10,000 goal


$100.00 from Frank and Frances Favuzza

"Kelly, you are amazing always ready to support others. GREAT JOB!!!!"

$100.00 from Beverly B. Sullivan

"A great event for an inspiring cause. ☘"

$25.00 from Julia O'Sullivan

$50.00 from Dina DeMaio Smith

$50.00 from Rachel Foy

"A great cause- hope it was a great race!"

$300.00 from Reggie Peral

"5k Sponsor"

$150.00 from walter and Nazira wightman

"Kelly you are one special person !!! your Great !!"

$100.00 from Darlene MacDonald

$100.00 from Mark Mulligan

"Great job Kelly....You "Go Girl""

$100.00 from Candace Sallale

"Good luck, Sheryle D!"

$100.00 from Anonymous

"Kelly Catallo is always is there to support others and she's always pleasant about it. Woot woot Kell!! Queen of Medford!!"

$100.00 from Rick Forgione

$100.00 from Holli Woodward

"Thank you for all you do Kelly! Changing lives!"

$50.00 from Anonymous

$100.00 from Anne Darling

"God Bless xo"

$25.00 from Katie Clancy

$100.00 from The Farternal Order of Eagles #4133 West Warren Ma

"To the Sole Sisters. We pledge our support. Keep on walking, running and moving forward. Loads of support for all. Adi we love you."

$25.00 from Karen M Wallace

"Keep Shining Like the Super Star you are Adi!"