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❤The REALTORS® Relief Foundation was established in 2001 after the tragic terrorist attacks of September 11. REALTORS® rallied and raised more than $8.4 million to provide housing assistance so that surviving family members could stay in their homes. Since inception, more than 16 years ago, the Foundation has helped thousands of families and distributed $28 million in relief aid for 62 disasters in 35 states and territories. What is unique about the REALTORS® Relief Foundation and sets us apart from other 501(c)(3) organizations is that every dollar donated goes directly to victims of disaster. The National Association of REALTORS® covers 100% of administrative costs. ❤THANK YOU!❤

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Benefiting REALTORS® Relief Foundation

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Realtors relieffoundation rgb
Benefiting REALTORS® Relief Foundation

raised out of $2,000 goal


$25.00 from Harriet Shapira

"Good Luck!"

$50.00 from Peter Gardner

$100.00 from Anonymous

"Good Luck Carol"

$100.00 from Donna Sormanti-Saglio

"Good luck Carol. You are an inspiration! Safe journey....."

$50.00 from Gayle Dennehy

"Go For It!!"

$25.00 from Samantha Storey

$25.00 from Cindy Butts

"You go, State ROTY! Will be right there with you!"

$200.00 from Masha Robarts

"You can DO IT!"

$50.00 from April Christiansen

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$100.00 from Leigh Sammons

"Run like the wind, Bullseye!"

$50.00 from Debbie Vessels

"Best of luck with the run!"

$25.00 from Melody Edelman

$25.00 from Robert Hanna

"Go Carol Go!"

$50.00 from Audrey Wilkicki

"Good luck Carol!"

$50.00 from Ed Stebbins

"Go Girl, Go"

$100.00 from Marilyn Lusher

"Good Luck Carol."

$50.00 from Lauryn Christiansen

$50.00 from Jami & Fred Allyn

$50.00 from Lorraine Arruda

"Proud of all you have accomplished and all that you will"

$50.00 from Becky Masterson

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$50.00 from Sandra Helme

"Good luck Carol. Run or walk, it’s the finish that counts."

$25.00 from Beth Mecteau

"Go, Carol!"

$10.00 from JULIE Swick

$25.00 from Mark Wickerd

"Good luck Carol"

$50.00 from Sandy Maier Schede

$25.00 from Ellen Swercewski

"I am so proud of you Carol. Best of luck. You are an inspiration."