Why am I running Boston in support of @racecancer?

After months of mysterious bruising and fatigue, in 2007, while a junior at Boston College, I was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, a rare bone marrow failure disease. In 2009, I was diagnosed with PNH, a second rare marrow failure disease. And in 2011, after years of restrictions, transfusions, and treatments, I entered the hospital for a bone marrow transplant. Six days of chemo, a day of radiation, and a year of isolation and recovery later, I came back stronger than ever. Although I didn't have cancer, my life as I know it today is the direct result of advances in cancer care and research. That's why, this year, I'm taking on the Boston Marathon with RACE Cancer and Find the Cause - two organizations dedicated to preventing and fighting cancer. Join me so that others might have a second chance like I did. Your support is one more step forward in the race against cancer.

Benefiting RACE Cancer Foundation

raised out of $10,000 goal

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Benefiting RACE Cancer Foundation

raised out of $10,000 goal


$25.00 from Marla and David Feinberg

"Go Mary go! You are an inspiration."

$25.00 from Ellen Magill

""Good Luck""

$25.00 from Paul Taber

"“If you ain’t first, you’re last”"

$50.00 from Lauren, Will, and William Wright

"We are so proud of you! Go Mary go!"

$50.00 from Anonymous

"Run Mary Run!!!"

$50.00 from Quincey Spagnoletti

"Mary congrats to you on this amazing accomplishment!"

$50.00 from Karen and Scott Shanahan

"Go Mary’O. Good luck."

$25.00 from Malissa Lichtenwalter

$20.00 from Vanessa Aller

"Go Mary!"

$25.00 from Colleen Murphy

"Go get 'em, Mary!"

$100.00 from Julia Walsh

"Murray, you rock! Jello shots and a muffin await you at the end!"

$150.00 from Mary Downs & Tom Walsh

"In honor of the honorary and fabulous 3rd daughter on Beacon St!!!"

$50.00 from Ronan & TJ Magill

"Go Bug!!!! We'll be tracking you"

$50.00 from Vanessa Careiro

"So proud of you <3"

$25.00 from Rachel M Beaver

"I’ll be cheering you on in Newton Centre!"

$50.00 from Eric

"That's a long run."

$125.00 from Golden Eagles Dance Team

"We <3 you, Mary! You inspire us everyday on & off the field. Can't wait to cheer for you at mile 21!"

$10.00 from Mary Landers

"Good luck Mary!"

$25.00 from Cris Loftin

"Miss you at the donor center ! You are awesome !"

$50.00 from Claudia Clark

"You’re amazing, Mary!!"

$25.00 from Becca Wheeler

$25.00 from Becca Wheeler

$100.00 from Catherine and Tim Johnson

"Run, Mary, run! We love you!"

$50.00 from Darcy and Steve Ronan

"Way to go, Mary! From bruises to a career, you've taken each step in stride and danced all along the way!"

$100.00 from Brian Mazzoli

$25.00 from Emily Thackston

"Good luck, Mar!"

$100.00 from Sarah Walsh

"See you on Patriot's Day!"

$100.00 from Mary Taber