I'm dedicating this one to Rich Pearl. #FCKCNCR

Richard Pearl lost an awful six month battle against lung cancer on March 19th. Rich, husband of Michele and father of Ethan and Oliver, was a golfer, a fisherman, and both a runner and volunteer at RACE Cancer Foundation races. Rich was not a smoker. So how could he get lung cancer? This is why I am running my 14th consecutive Boston Marathon (bib 13991) with RACE Cancer Foundation to raise funds for Find The Cause. FTC's mission of funding scientific research on the environmental causes of breast cancer will help us understand and prevent other cancers, including lung cancer. Rich and his family did not deserve cancer's death sentence. Please donate what you can and help find the cause. THANK YOU! Please also share this page with others: rcm.nu/boston2018

Benefiting RACE Cancer Foundation

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Benefiting RACE Cancer Foundation

raised out of $10,000 goal


$10.00 from Anonymous

"Cancer sucks."

$10.00 from Anonymous

"Cancer sucks."

$25.00 from Laura D'Onofrio

$50.00 from Daniel Rothenberg

"Congrats on a strong showing in bruuuuutal conditions. FCKCNCR"

$50.00 from Anonymous

"Congratulations on surviving through this year's Boston!"

$100.00 from Anonymous

$25.00 from Stephen Barket

"#flyeaglesfly. Love the Barkets"

$50.00 from Eyal Kedem


$25.00 from Lin ONeilClark

"#flyeaglesfly run strong fckcancer"

$50.00 from Jennifer McGonagle Dziedzic

"#FCKCNCR. Whatever it takes to kick cancer's ass and get you to carry a Patriot's flag!"

$200.00 from Laurisa Neuwirth

"Bon courage mon ami!"

$25.00 from Chris Mathison

"Go get em dude"

$150.00 from Gina DiMento

"So proud of all you do to fight cancer Alain! This is in memory of Geoff’s sister Jayne. ❤️ Cancer sucks."

$50.00 from Kim Howard

"You are such an inspiration! Run strong and kick ass!"


$50.00 from Sara Gragnolati

"You’re an inspiration...good luck and have fun Monday :)"

$100.00 from Julie Coppenrath

"For my mom with stage IV lung cancer. Run strong!"

$50.00 from Colleen Marinelli

"Run strong!"

$50.00 from Selena Hoover

"Run Strong and #FCKCNCR!!!"

$50.00 from Ryan Shawgo

$25.00 from Jacqueline Higgins Guzman

"May the wind be at your back....."

$50.00 from Jessica Saulnier

"#FCKCNCR #BostonAllTheWay Have an amazing run Alain, we are all cheering you towards that finish line!!"

$50.00 from the southie sullivans

"see you in hopkinton!"

$50.00 from Michelle Young

"Good Luck!"

$25.00 from Jibran Malek

"Man......... eff the Eagles but also #FREEMEEK and also #FCKCNCR"

$50.00 from Suzanne Seavey

"You inspire many Alain!!"

$100.00 from Michele Pearl

"Alain, you are such a wonderful friend. Run strong, my friend. <3 Rich is smiling down on you."

$100.00 from Shuma Chaudhuri

"In memory of my beloved dad, Dr. Arun K. Chaudhuri"

$100.00 from Laura Dziorny

$25.00 from Ivan M Altinbasak

"May Rich Pearl rest in peace."

$100.00 from Carla D. Picklesimer

$25.00 from Anonymous

$10.00 from Amanda Watters

"Good Luck, Alain!"